Barboursville Vineyards - Palladio Restaurant
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Palladio Restaurant

Created to be the culinary expression of this estate's unalterable vision --
that the touchstone of nourishment is beauty, and of beauty, nourishment --
Palladio has been cited time and again for surpassing all assumptions,
with dining of arresting sympathy for the palate, the eye, and the spirit.

The restaurant's name is no accident, given Andrea Palladio's influence on the Jeffersonian mansion here, and the presence of his masterpieces throughout the Veneto, home to Gianni and Silvana Zonin, founders of this vineyard estate.

Northern Italian in inspiration, yet creatively indebted to the most seasonal and local resources of the earth and sea, Palladio offers the handsomest gastronomic redemption there can be, of the promise only the finest food and wine can extend -- recalling one, recurringly, to the beauty of this world.


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